Mic Check 1, 2…

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Other

My Mind

I have been seating and going over possible blog names for a while now. I have been using the fact that I haven’t come up with the perfect blog name, a name that’s defining and at the same time catchy enough to make people want to keep scrolling, as the main excuse to stall starting the blog I always say will start.

I was seating in class going through my exercise book when I stumbled in to a page with an unfinished “article” I wrote some time ago(one thing you have to know, my laptop and my bag is full of writings that I have started but never seem to finish. You can go through my exercise book and find something that I have scribbled down and have forgotten about. It’s a disease.) But I digress. The unfinished writing in my exercise book was about this daydream I had in class (another constant occurrence). And I sat in class last Friday and continued writing. I had no problem picking up where I left off. That was when I came up with the title for that specific short daydream; Wonders of an Unchecked Mind. It had taken me a long time to come up with the right title for a blog name and suddenly this seemed right. It seemed perfect and fitting, it was what I have been seating and picking my brain to come up with, always to no avail. This goes to show that no matter how hard we try to push something, it will eventually happen if it’s supposed to.

Once I no longer had an excuse not to start the blog that has been long time pending, I didn’t waste time to actually create it. And now here we are. The blog’s been set up and my first post being written (or read). Welcome to the Wonders of an unchecked mind. My Mind. I can’t promise it will be pretty, but it sure will get your head shaking…in approval or disagreement, that remains to be seen.

  1. Dolly G says:

    pretty awesome for your first post 😉
    can’t wait to read those that are to come

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nash says:

    unchecked indeed !!!


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