I couldn’t come up with a good tittle for this so I am just going to leave it be…

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Other


This is not a post. Just a thought in my head that I wanted to write down. I repeat,  this is not a proper blog entry. And if at the end you don’t like what I have written (which is going to be so short by the way), it’s not my fault. I have warned you. I have clearly stressed the fact that this is not a post so many times in the last three lines that I didn’t think it was possible to do so. Like I said, this is not a proper post. It’s not even post adjacent. Seriously,  it’s not.

Excited yet?

Well, like I have already empathized on my opening paragraph, this is not a post. I just came out here to write about something totally different and here I am with no idea of what I am doing. My fingers are just clicking the buttons out of their own volition. I dont think I have a say on what they are doing. I doubt they even know themselves.


I told you this is not a post. And if you have made it up to here, I hope you are not pissed at what my fingers have done, they are just DRUNK. Or at least I think they are? Thats the only possible explanation. I think this is starting to get annoying. You know one of those signs at hotels and paking lots, “park at your own risk”? I think this is like one of those things. I told you this was not a proper entry. I have stressed time and again, sentence after sentence. I warned you. The first paragraph was confusing even to me. The fact that you continued to read this even after the confusing intro is proof enough that you wanted to be confused by this confused piece that is bound to send your head frantically trying to decipher what the fuck this is and why the hell you kept reading….or not. I mean your head might be perfectly normal, not frantically trying to figures out what the hell this is. You might even be enjoying this. Well if you are…enjoying this, then I take back what I said. Huh? See, I am confused.

told ya this was not a post.


  1. I would have loved it except like you said It’s not a post!


  2. […] I couldn’t come up with a good tittle for this so I am just going to leave it be… […]


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