Music: My Solace.

Posted: January 1, 2015 in MUSIC


Have you ever had one of those days where everything you do goes to shit? Where everything snowballs into this gargantuan cluserfuck weighing on you trying to crush you down? Huh? No? Anybody?

Well I have… lots of them. I have even reached a point where I look up at this giant cloud that’s hanging over me and say “Let it rain mother fucker!”, all thanks to the tracks in my computer/phone giving me motivation to stand up when every living fiber in my body says otherwise. I honestly don’t know what I would do without music, a sentiment I’m sure most of you will agree with. I can’t describe my love for music, it’s ineffable.

When I am faced with those days I mentioned earlier, I just put on my favorite album of my favorite band and just lay still, letting the melodies of the guitar strings carry all the frustration off, strip them down to their insecure core and wash them away like a riptide washes away everything on shore. I kid you not. More often than not, it works. Other times, I just end up being more pissed than I originally was…that too passes after an album, or a discography.


I pride myself in listening to any and every kind of music. There is the regular daily dose of Rock N’ Roll (and it’s countless other sub-genres), Electronic Dance Music (wub wub), Latin Music (Salsa Baby), Chinese Classical (we have all had our Kung-Fu/Karate phase), Korean pop (yes, I said Korean pop Music Samuel L Jackson), Indian, Dutch, Hip/Hop, African …you get the point, don’t you? The beautiful thing about music is that you don’t have to know what the hell the Japanese lady is saying to understand and feel the emotions of the song. It’s all about the melodies, the rhythm, and the emotion behind it. Yes, the lyric is an important part of it all but still, you don’t have to know what the song is about to be moved by it.

They say everything is better with music on, I couldn’t agree more. It’s much more fun to do everything with an awesome song(s) in the background. I study while listening to music (mostly Rock and Electronic) and most of the times I just start singing out loud or fist bumping to the beats forgetting where I am and what I should be doing (Don’t ask me how any times I have been shushed at the library). who said studying can be, I wouldn’t go as far as saying fun but I think the right word would be…..bearable?

Music is one of Gods greatest creations. God created music to make our miserable life in this miserable world less miserable. And then he created squirrels…


  1. The Chasm says:

    what i’m thinking of commenting is highly inappropriate so i’m just gonna leave it hanging like 🙂 😉 …


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