A penny for your thoughts? Cause I don’t know where mine have gone.

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Life

Elvis has left the building.

I have been trying for the past three weeks to come up with something to write about. I open my laptop or take a piece of paper out trying to jot something down, a simple inspiration on life; a peer through this kaleidoscope that is life with its various overwhelming images and distortions, always ending up with my laptop closed or the piece of paper torn and thrown away. A simple rant started never to be finished, a story halted right before the climax. It makes you wonder what’s wrong.

Where has the inspiration disappeared to? Why is it the voices in your head, the murmurs of comfort in the ocean of absolute pandemonium that is your brain, these sounds always vying for your attention- fighting to he heard, have suddenly gone…mum?

Radio Silent.

With out so much as a warning or a simple sign.

Puff, gone.

Where to? Why? But more importantly, is it a trick – an illusion? A lesson to be learned: lessons about peace…silence…tranquility? Mind you tricky bastard! is this your way of telling me that I have to find my way in stillness first, to be mechanical in an inanimate existance before I can learn to walk in chaos? Does that even make sense? *sigh*

Questions. Questions.



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