What’s in a conversation?

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Uncategorized


I have noticed something and it’s been going through my head this past few weeks. Sometimes all you need to do is take a back seat and observe. Scrutinize every single detail, every small thing that usually goes unnoticed and chances are, you will catch something so mundane and yet.. not.

I have realised that in conversations, be it face to face or online, the question “How are you” is always followed by an automatic “I’m good ” reply. It doesn’t matter if one is tired, pissed, sad-or any other antonymous word to good for that matter. “I’m good” is what we all will say, regardless of our feelings. That baffles me. Why is that?

Are we so afraid of what will follow if we actually admitted that we were infact not good-but tired, depressed, fed up, anything but? Is the prospect of letting it all out on the table, and accepting that we are not okay, so scary that we hide behind an automatic response?

Who are we trying to convince, the other person in the conversation or ourself? I have been pondering these questions-among others, and have concluded that there infact is no answer to this question but rather thats just the way it is. Even I, after being conscious of this fact, have been doing the same thing. Granted, there are certain people that you bare your soul to and be honest with. But is answering honestly to the question “how are you?” so big that you have to only answer truthfully to certain people-if at all?

Ask yourself why this is- maybe your quest for answers will be more revelatory than mine. And do let me know if you do.

  1. Zerubabel says:

    This one is the awesomest one so far…. Keep’em coming.


  2. “How are you?” Is simple gesture of polite conversation starter nothing more. I took it upon myself to take on your challenge and guess what happened? People were in serious confusion. They’ve already said “I’m good” and that’s all. The question it self doesn’t mean how are you really? What state of emotion or mind are you in at this point? And if you try to answer it with an answer intended for the original meaning of the question. Then you’re a retarded fuck who can’t keep his/her emotion in check.
    Fact is who ever is asking how you are like that isn’t looking for an answer besides “I’m good”. People who want to know though, will rephrase the damn question.



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