Chronicles Of A Daydreamer; Last Stop LALA Land

Posted: April 16, 2015 in Life
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God, the sun. The sun has decided to send her most radiant rays to grace us today. The heat is exhausting. Its days like this that make you wish you could teleport had a car. And the taxis are no where in sight, sigh.

“Hey there, do you live around here?” A woman in her fifty’s asks. I have half a mind to ignore her call, to pretend like I didn’t hear.

Yes, I say. She asks if a doctor that used to have a clinic here(where I live)still practices. I nod and point to the building, hoping that would be it, eager to get back to complaining about the heat – stroke inducing weather. But the lady keeps on talking. She goes on and says that she hasn’t been around here in 8 years and that she’s visiting her sister who came from America a few days ago. The place has changed, she says.-she can barely remember her sister’s house. I just nod and wonder what’s it about me that gave this woman the impression that I’d want to hear about her life story.

She’s till talking-talking about a bag she forgot or something,  I’m not sure. This is just great, the last thing I wanted was to start a conversation with a random stranger.

I smile and node.

Thank God,  a taxi is here. Saved by…God dammit,  she gets into the same taxi. And she’s seating next to me.

Great! Just great!

“Are you going to class? You in college? “

I nod. She asks were- 6 kilo, I say. And curse my luck. Normally,  I don’t really care if this happened but today, today I wanted to be alone. The only things I wanted to bother me were my thoughts.



She goes on. She is talking and I’m not listing. I feel my self slowly drifting away, deep into the confines of my brains.


With every word she utters, the further I get lost in my thoughts. Daydreaming. Daydreaming of the possibilities, of days to come. Getting lost in the wonder lust in me that grows by the minute. I wanna fly. Away from my troubles. I want to leave it all behind and just soar, even for a few minutes.

“and that is him in this picture…”

I’m flying. The easy breeze of this sunny day lifting me up.

“…he speaks Amharic perfectly”

I’m going up. The buildings slowly shrinking in size with every flap of my wings-wait, I have wings! The people roaming the streets, mere dots barely threatening.

“…I’m a chef, you know…”

The sky my kingdom, the sun my halo. I’m free. Unbridled by life’s requirements, free of expectations.


Nothing to think about but going forward. I could stay like this for…

“Child, this is the last stop”


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