Posted: May 6, 2015 in Life
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Someone close to me said, after reading my blog, that I hide behind big words and that I am a good writer but that I deed to dig deeper; write from the heart. I really appreciate the constructive criticism, after all, the whole point of me setting up this whole thing is to develop my writing skills and grow as a writer. These kinds’ of suggestions are very welcome. And what my friend said got me thinking, and it is true, I write about simple stuff or dare I say superficial things. And the answer to the “why?” is simple, because it is easy.

It is easier to talk about music than how the songs you listen to really make you feel. Talking about your liking of a certain artists music over some other artist or your preference to listen to the genre you like comes easy to you than talking about how you used the guitar strings as your background music, the lyrics as the soundtrack of your life and how you used the voices as a way to shut out what’s happening around you. And how when everything in your life did not make sense: your music collection did.
It is easier to write something to troll people with than talking about the things you have went though. Those experiences that have made you want to scream your lungs, question everything, throw your armor down and give up the fight. These are things we don’t want to talk about, things we keep locked away in the deep, dark parts of our minds, piling them u to collect dust, hoping we would one day forget.
It is easy to rant about something than address the never ending questions that always seem to find their way into our heads…questions of “what if…”
“What am I doing?”
“Where am I going?”
“Who am I?”
It is easier to plaster a fake smile like a beauty queen who has made it to the final only to lose the crown: smiling from ear to ear but dying inside (and hoping the other girl falls on her face). Point is, we mask our pain and hurt in this fully crafted and rehearsed smile because it is easier to fake it and pretend that everything is okay than to admit we are hurting.

Happiness is fleeting, its pain that lurks around in our minds constantly regardless how much we push it away. Admitting is hard but pretending is…easier.

  1. Bethlehem Mesfin says:

    Taking the easy way out may, indeed, explain why we don’t say what we feel. I, personally, think it’s because we are afraid – afraid that what is monumental in our lives could be taken so lightly. I would hate to pull my heart out to someone, tell everyone why that song brings tears to my eyes or why I actually “hate” that sport. And get in return just a “so?…” or “You’re weird”.
    I’d rather keep to my self and scratch the surface with everything. I’d settle for a “hell, yeah” or an “Exactly” I think most people would too.


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