Left To My Own Devices

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Life


Today I felt completely alone…something I haven’t felt in a long while. There were so many people around me…strangers that I have never seen and don’t care to remember their faces.
I sat  there alone at Conference Room 1 of the ECA, a lot of things going around me, people running around, (the place is busy getting ready for Financial Development Conferences on monday), but I still couldn’t help but feel disconnected-like I have felt so many times before in the past. Funny how when things keep going good for a while we tend to forget the past, as much a we try to live in the present, the past never goes away…and the feelings that you know all too well come rushing back.

I used to find such comfort in solitude. I used to seat around by myself and it wouldn’t bother me, I have gotten used to it you know. I had my daily doses of feeling completely out of place and like most things, through time and a little bit of practice…I found my own place, a place of comfort…or so I thought.

The mind is a very dangerous, especially if unrestrained and unchecked.

  1. I feel that a lot! Great piece!


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