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Posted: October 9, 2015 in Life, Other
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He came home to find the house empty, his family was spending the night attending mass for easter. He was relieved there was no one at home. The house was errly quite save for the sound of the burning fire.

His mom told him to check on the bread she was baking, they were ware made to break their fast of the lent later that night, along with the doro wot his sister has made.

He sat in the kitchen playing with the ensete his mom used to warp around the bread with while it baked. He remembered how he used to play with them, how he and his friends used to make whips out of them, swinging them back and forth swishing through the air till it made a cracking sound. Whapshhhh!

He also remembered they used to make guns out of them and was excited at the idea. He tried to find a knife but chose to use the swiss army blade in his pocket his grandfather gave him. Trying to recall how he used to do it, he slashed making a line, and another line and another one.

He slashed again and again, every cut taking him back to his childhood days, to the times where everything was easier. Of the days that the only thing that mattered was winning in hide and seek and of fights that lasted less than 5 minutes.

How simple everything was, he thought. He was filled with a wave of nostalgia that left him yearning for the past, the good old days.

And he kept on cutting, only he was not slashing at the ensete branch, he never was.

  1. Sam says:

    getting better by the post, I love this. 🙂


  2. Chaje Mileto says:

    How can one possibly connect with you via a private message?


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