In which every poem I write becomes about alcohol, depression and everything in between

Posted: October 18, 2016 in Poetry
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Whom ever said you can drown your sorrow in alchol clearly never had Gin and tonic.
How can you drown your sorrow when you’re swimming in it?
Hands struggling to keep you up float
Legs jerking from left to right
Lungs fighting for air to breath
feet yearning for solid ground?


Clearly, they never had a taste of wine
And watched suppresed emotions slowly hit the shore
The clink of bottles signaling your inavitable downfall
Gan bei



And just like that another glass is emptied out, and
sadness creeps in with out a sound

Obviously they never traded water in a sea of emotions where feelings are like a brick
That clung to your legs and drag you down with the hem of your jeans untill you sink

Ironic isn’t it, how as the water turns the UZO white everything gets darker, less clear
Your head starts to spin, and everything a blur
Like a bathroom mirror after a hot shower
It’s like
It’s like trying to see under water

It’s a catch 22
a damned if I do, damned it I don’t kinda thing…
Where if you breath in all the gulf of air that your body is yearning
You die!

Where if you hold your breath
Clinch your teeth and shut your mouth
If you continue to fight for every goddamn molecule of oxygen

You still fucking die!

So You lick your salty tears and take the shot
and hope the the lemon will dull the taste
of reality
and the reality is that although you’re a can away from a six pack, all you have is a beer belly!
the reality is that
you’re sinking….when is that going to sink in?


I have been trying to check in, finally  update this blog since god knows when but never actually doing so. I’d always start to compose this post, the one!, worthy of being uploaded after so many unsuccessful ones that are collecting “didgital” dust but always end up scraping that too. I’d (try to) write about why I stopped updating this blog, but all the reasons are going to sound like excuses (which they are) so I decided to share one of the poems that I have wrote and gotten to perform at a Poetry Slam. I got into poetry right around the time I stoped updating this blog and hope y ‘ all like it (speaking to that one person somewhere out there that reads my blog)!


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