My Pain/ Unmasked

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Poetry

I tried to be poetic
To embellish the things I feel
I tried to use beautiful words
In hopes of masking the pain
I tried to speak
To write
To tell you what’s on my mind
To lay all my feelings bare
I tried to make the words rhyme
Failing miserably everytime

My pain is the masked murderer that comes for you in the night
The monster under the bed
The ghost in the darkness, the creature in the closet
Always lurking
Always there
And each time you speak your cold words
The monsters start creeping in

Poking and Prodding my heart
Leaving me sacred and hurt

Each time you call me names
You send me hiding under the covers
Retreating into the shell I’ve made my home
The bed covers I use to weather the storm

But the hurt is glaring
With red eyes and pale lips
With hard nails and sharp claws

It’s the kind of pain that you can hear banging
Banging aganist the window
It’s a cry you can’t muffle
A burning flame you can’t snuff out
And it torches my body
Burns my soul
Bites onto my neck and sucks me whole

My pain is the monster
My pain is the creature in the darkness
My pain is the murderer that comes for you in the night
My pain is the ghost under the bed
My pain is YOU…now it’s unmasked


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