Another Untitled poem

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Poetry
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Knock knock

“who’s …”
my bad, I forgot that depression
Doesn’t knock!
It doesn’t ask for an invitation!
it either slowly tip toes in or breaks open the front door to get in
In it’s all glory, guns blazing and all that shit
depression is the unexpected guest that shows up in the middle of the night with out a care
When the pot is empty and the fridge is bare

When you have nothing to feed…it…her…him
there’s nothing on the menue; and you are fair game
So you offer up yourself
No, HE takes YOU, with no permission or request
Devours you in your entirety

SHE enjoys every single bite of flesh
Licks every drop of blood that flows through the cracks of ITS teeth
He…she…It is one mother fucking hungry beast

I’d say more
Explain more
Write more
But at the moment They
I mean Him
Is slicing up my entire body
Leaving me shattered into tiny little pieces
and I, like the duty full boy I am,
is picking up those little shrades with my bloody fingers
So yeah
TTYL, k.


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