About A Boy

Posted: February 21, 2017 in Life
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I knew a boy.

I knew a boy when I was a little boy.

I knew a boy when I was a little boy that knew another little

I knew a boy when I was a little boy that knew another little
boy, whom I also knew.

So the boy I knew, the other little boy and I became best
friends. We were inseparable…partners in crime…two peas
in a tripod, only there were three of us.

We would meet in the mornings, after our parents have went to
work, and set out on our mission for the day. We lived in the
outskirts of the city srounded by trees. Before the trees
were cleared out for the construction of the high way and
houses that just seemed to pop out of nowhere, you could take
a walk from my house, or the house of the boy i knew, and a
few minutes later you’d find your way inside the forrest. But
not from the house of the other little boy cause his was a
block away so if you walked from the other little boys house,
you’d find yourself inside the forrest in a few more minutes
than it would take you from mine or the house of the boy I
knew. Point is, we lived close to the forrest, all three of

We would spend our days sliding down mud slides, swimming, or trying to, at the nearby pounds or climbing trees (which I was very good at btw). We’d go to this place called koda; a place where a leather factory would dump its remains  waste, and practice a back flip or two, or any other gymnastic stuff for that matter. For the waste was dumped on this long acres of land way behind the factory and it usually cushioned your falls after those backflips or two and the other gymnastics stuff that you did. That was precisely why everybody went there actually, cause the remaining materials from the factory, the waste, cushioned your falls….you know, after those backflips or whatnot.

Point is, we were best friends. Key word being were. I can go on listing the amazing things that we did together, the boy I knew, the other little boy and I, and boy were they amazing. But I won’t and instead I’ll get right to the point that I’m
trying to make.

Fast forward a few years and we had traded sliding down mud-slides, swimming in pounds to watching others do them in movies and doing back flips or two to doing them in games…with no need for falls to be cushioned. But we still did these things together…most of the times. 

The older we got, the lesser we saw of each other. We all went to different schools and somehow that seemed to matter when it never did all along. We did things alone more. I read a book alone, as that seems to be something that one does by themselves. The boy I knew spent more time with his computer
than humans and the other little boy got into sports, something one does with other people that are interested in
the same thing. I wasn’t, neither was the boy I knew. So we spent less and less time together.  

Fast forward a few double digit years and the three of us haven’t been in the same place at the same time in I don’t even remember. Our lives have went in three completely different direction that I doubt we’d ever even run into each other on the streets. And the one or two times a year we do run into each other, you could slice the awkwardness between us and feed it to a dozen hungry construction workers after a long day work and you’d still have leftovers. 

I knew a boy. I knew a boy when….

…but did I really?

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