Future Trends

Posted: October 11, 2017 in Life, Other, Poetry
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A couple of month back one of my friends and I were approched to be part of an exhibition focusing on East African Arts. The exhibition is called Future Trends, a look into a utopian future where reimagined fashions, design, and architecture combine with emerging forms of technology to establish new desires. The Exhibition showcases work from emerging urban cultures using fashion, styles and architecture from East Africa. A future image of society is presented by playing with gender, sexuality and new forms of social exchange.

At first we didn’t give it much thought because we had the conversation with the curator during dinner before a night out. Goes with out saying that we didn’t remember the conversation and a bunch of other things by the end of the night. But fast forward to a couple of weeks and he reached out to us through email asking if we wanted to be part of the exhibition and of course we both said yes. Nevermind having some of your work featured in an exhibtion in London, the fact that the Afro-futuristic concept and play with gender and sexuality was something that my friends and I were passionate about and already work on was what sold me. Although the London bit also helped. A lot. As a writer, and I think this applies for almost every writer, my dream is to share my works with other people in whatever means I can. And in a way, having some of my poems presented at an exhibition in London is a dream come true. And the thought of someone reading my poems right now as I am writing this half way around the world is very exciting. I would like to think that I have come a long way as a writer. From someone whos writings were confined to scibbles in excersise books and never seen the light of day to someone who is a blogger (rather bad one), performer and organzer….I have come a long way. But am I in no way, shape or form, where i want to be or where I need to be yet. Although I might have come a long way, I have a longer way to go as a writer. And each day I am learning and I believe thats the whole point. Learning. In anycase, I am not here to brag about being featured in an exhibition or anything; I am actually here to share some of the poems that are featured in the exhibition mostly focused on gender and sexuality. So with out further ado…


I see you

the calm before the storm

the dark before the dawn

the cliché in this poem


A flower growing in the cracks of concrete walls

surviving where you are not meant to

A beautiful black rose with thorns all around you

to protect you to keep you safe

to be yourself when everything all around you tries to pluck you down

A beautiful flower

growing in the cracks of concrete

flourishing where you are not supposed to

when all the odds are stalked against you.

You are beautiful .

Darling, you are a beautiful flower growing in the cracks of concrete walls Flourishing.

I see you

And that’s enough.

-KUCHI (a modified version of an earlier poem tittled Kuch Kuch with a C)



we go to sleep to dream of a better tomorrow

and maybe

just maybe

when we wake up

we can leave our house as u

not as a made up persona

a mask on the face of our faces.

to keep us safe so we can come back.

and dream again of



Untitled 1

I wanted to shade my skin

and wear yours.

But we are made of the same fabric

Just different designs

different dresses.


Some pictures from the exhibition courtesy of Dr. Jona 🙂 And some of my friend Gouleds self potraits Cheers!


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