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What the Stars Say

Posted: April 23, 2018 in Life
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1af7b72d619819a8673ee88e42a48652---zodiac-zodiac-signs.jpgI am not one to believe in Horoscopes and Zodiac signs, aside from knowing my sign is a cancer and that it is represented by a crab, my knowledge about it  is very little and I have never really I tried to inquire more either. I was going through the weekly newspaper at the firm where I intern skimming the paper for business law and other relevant business news of the week for my boss when I reached the final pages of the newspaper with the weekly horoscope. My curiosity got the best of me and I looked at what it had in store for cancers for the week. It read as follows: (more…)


A couple of month back one of my friends and I were approched to be part of an exhibition focusing on East African Arts. The exhibition is called Future Trends, a look into a utopian future where reimagined fashions, design, and architecture combine with emerging forms of technology to establish new desires. The Exhibition showcases work from emerging urban cultures using fashion, styles and architecture from East Africa. A future image of society is presented by playing with gender, sexuality and new forms of social exchange.


About A Boy

Posted: February 21, 2017 in Life
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I knew a boy.

I knew a boy when I was a little boy.

I knew a boy when I was a little boy that knew another little

I knew a boy when I was a little boy that knew another little
boy, whom I also knew.

So the boy I knew, the other little boy and I became best
friends. We were inseparable…partners in crime…two peas
in a tripod, only there were three of us.

We would meet in the mornings, after our parents have went to
work, and set out on our mission for the day. We lived in the
outskirts of the city srounded by trees. Before the trees
were cleared out for the construction of the high way and
houses that just seemed to pop out of nowhere, you could take
a walk from my house, or the house of the boy i knew, and a
few minutes later you’d find your way inside the forrest. But
not from the house of the other little boy cause his was a
block away so if you walked from the other little boys house,
you’d find yourself inside the forrest in a few more minutes
than it would take you from mine or the house of the boy I
knew. Point is, we lived close to the forrest, all three of

We would spend our days sliding down mud slides, swimming, or trying to, at the nearby pounds or climbing trees (which I was very good at btw). We’d go to this place called koda; a place where a leather factory would dump its remains  waste, and practice a back flip or two, or any other gymnastic stuff for that matter. For the waste was dumped on this long acres of land way behind the factory and it usually cushioned your falls after those backflips or two and the other gymnastics stuff that you did. That was precisely why everybody went there actually, cause the remaining materials from the factory, the waste, cushioned your falls….you know, after those backflips or whatnot.

Point is, we were best friends. Key word being were. I can go on listing the amazing things that we did together, the boy I knew, the other little boy and I, and boy were they amazing. But I won’t and instead I’ll get right to the point that I’m
trying to make.

Fast forward a few years and we had traded sliding down mud-slides, swimming in pounds to watching others do them in movies and doing back flips or two to doing them in games…with no need for falls to be cushioned. But we still did these things together…most of the times. 

The older we got, the lesser we saw of each other. We all went to different schools and somehow that seemed to matter when it never did all along. We did things alone more. I read a book alone, as that seems to be something that one does by themselves. The boy I knew spent more time with his computer
than humans and the other little boy got into sports, something one does with other people that are interested in
the same thing. I wasn’t, neither was the boy I knew. So we spent less and less time together.  

Fast forward a few double digit years and the three of us haven’t been in the same place at the same time in I don’t even remember. Our lives have went in three completely different direction that I doubt we’d ever even run into each other on the streets. And the one or two times a year we do run into each other, you could slice the awkwardness between us and feed it to a dozen hungry construction workers after a long day work and you’d still have leftovers. 

I knew a boy. I knew a boy when….

…but did I really?

While the rest of the world has had its holiday season, we here in Ethiopia like to move on our own phase (which says a lot about us, btw) and stay true to the sterotype yehabesha ketero and celebrate Christmas two weeks late. We are also still in 2009 and get to make New Year resolutions we won’t be following twice celebrate two New Years. I don’t like holidays at all and it doesn’t help that I’m not religious and don’t believe in these things. So here is a very very short guide on how to brave the holiday storm…in the tropics. 

1. Smile and Nod

Being Ethiopian on a holiday means you have to deal with your relatives…ALL of them. Your mom’s cousins cousin, your uncles wife’s nephews, the lady your aunt used to work with who you call your aunt but really isn’t… Although it is nice to be around family, it can also get a bit annoying with all the unsolitcited advices and endless questions. They’re gonna tell you that you have grown tall, although there isn’t an inch diffrence from the last time they saw you, ask about school, tell you how skinny you’ve gotten or otherwise.They’re gonna comment on your sense of style, ask you if that’s the “new fashion” that youngsters follow these days to
show their disapproval (people here use the word ‘fashion’ to refer to ‘trends’ when one is broader than the other but I
digress.) So smile till your cheek hurts and nod till your head falls off…that’s the only way to keep your head.

2.Stay off your phone

…at least in front of your relatives unless you want to get into a thorough discussion about how technology is affecting the means of communication and that “kids these days” are always on their phone and care more about changing their profile picture than their underwear. 

 3. 21 Questions

They’re gonna ask you a lot of questions so limit your answers to Yes, No, ahas and one-liners. And ofcourse, don’t forget to smile and node while doing so.

And if at any point that uncle of yours offers you a drink in his room away from the prying eyes of your other relatives, you follow him! 🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺

Year In Review

Posted: December 27, 2016 in Life
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I was browsing through my notes and decided to compile the things I have written through out this year that I didn’t post out here or left unfinished , for one reason or another, into a single post. 2016 has been a bad year not just for me but for most of the people around me and boy am I ready for it to end (like yesterday!). As the year is drawing to a close, and what better way to reflect on it than compiling what I’ve wrote about things as they were happening, right?

On Panic Atthediscotacks

I had a panic attack last night. We were dancing and having fun on the eve of the eve of the Ethiopian New Year. It was supposed to be a fun night, a way to end the year on a better note. I started drinking early in the night, before the party even began. It started with red wine which was quickly emptied out. Then came white wine and red again, Rosé and a little Jin & Tonic (Okay, alot of Gin & Tonic) and at some point during the night I lost count on how many different drinks have made their way into my Mason jar and my system. It was a fun night and then it wasn’t.

So I sat there, cluching my Mason jar filled with God knows what having a panic attack for the first time in my life. Each molecule of oxygen I breath in fighting for the next. Each breathe more painful than the last. I wanted to scream out and call out to my friends in the other room but I could barely even breathe let alone make out words. How could you when you’re chocking on your own breathe? I was scared seating on the floor in the dark empty room and I wished for the air I always took for granted. Funny how it’s when you can’t breath you appreciate the simple act of breathing.

On Drugs, a Wasted Summer and Post Birthday Blues

Where do I even begin? I’m writing this while I am waiting for a Piassa taxi on my way to buy weed because I have alot of things on my mind and the only source of release I’d ever get from all these whrilwind of emotions is by writing. And weed (which is why I am on my way to meet my dealer).

This summer has been, for lack of a better word, underwhelming. It went by so fast. You’re seating here rolling at the end of june and before you realise it, the dog days of summer have sneaked up on you before you’re even done with that joint. Seriously, where did the summer go? I still remember (barely) my excitement for finishing exams, my birthday which signaled the start of summer and an internship at an environmental firm. In theory, it had the makings of a great summer but it all went down hill after my birthday.
Weed guy is here. 🙂

On an unsent New Year Text Message

The most important thing that this year has thought me is that to never expect the expected. I had a clear plan and idea on how the year was going to turn out but every day has been a twist in another never ending turn. This year might have been a lot of (badbadnotgood) things but it was never dull. So thank you all of you, as I count the hours to the end of the year I couldn’t be more proud to have braved the storm with all of you guys and cannot wait to do so this new year too. I don’t need a kiss to usher in the new year(although that wouldn’t be a bad idea), just the thought of you guys in my life keeps me warm at night. And I am gonna sleep like a baby, I deserve it! 

On Friends and unfinished poems


Friend ships

Best friend ships

the kind that never sink

That never get overflowed  with your unending tears

a ship that you’ve been sailing for years now

when the tide is hard and wind is bad

when the fucking storm makes you lose your mind

After all you have friends that understand your vague texts in the middle of the night because they know what you’re talking about

Because they know YOU.


Emotions pour out like a spilled drink at a party

Tears make their way down cheeks like rain drops on a window sill

Clean up on Isle 5

And vodka, Vodka will be nice

But I will settle for anything that will wash down these fucking emotions that just don’t seem to go away

No matter how much I try

And I ask my self, why?

Why do all of my poems have to be sad?

About depression, alchol and everything that falls through the cracks?

But then again, Happy doesn’t make a good poem does it?

Happy only thinks about being happy. 

And that mother fucker is fleeting

but sadness lingers

lurks in the background 

It sinks it’s teeth in so deep and refuses to let go

and after a while you forget it was there

untill you don’t.

My best friend said “Art doesn’t come from a happy place”

A quick look at my…. (what’s the poetry equivalent of a discography or a portfolio?) and you will see so…

On being tired (of being tired) and Moving

Everything has to get better. It has to. Otherwise everything we all have gone (and continue to go)  through has been for nothing. It will get better. It has no choice but to. Because I am tired. I’m way past tired. And I don’t want to be tired anymore. I’m tired of being tired. I want to rest. I want to go to bed knowing there is nothing threatening to crush me or my loved ones to death and I want to wake up knowing it’s going to be a GOOD day “ain’t nobody gonna cry today, ain’t nobody gonna die today” kinda good day (and preferably not in this godforsaken place!) 
I have decided that I am going to move to New York. I don’t know how I’m going to get there, nor do I know when but I am going to. And as each day goes by I feel more sure about my decision to do so. I don’t remember the last time I have wanted something so badly, the closest thing I can think of is joining AAU School of Law. Which I did. Every Single move I will be making from now on , I feel like, in a more grander scheme, is going to lead up to me ending up there. I don’t know. I just feel that way

On a hopeful note, horse shit and Change

Things are changing. Things are gonna change. But for once, it’s gonna be for the better. The change is going to be mind numbingly hard, it’s going to be a take-you-by-your-ponytail-and-drag-you-around-in-shit kinda change but it’s going to be for the better. That’s the only way to look at it. That’s the only way it’s going to be worth it. Worth all the fucking shit we collectively as a family, as individuals, have gotten draged through. I have to tell myself this over and over again to get me through the day. The night might be young and full of terror, but the day is just as bright as the the crystal clear clarity you get at the end of a reality check. But for once, I don’t need a reality check, I know what the fucking reality is like! It’s fucking horse shit! (don’t ask me why horse shit is shittier than other shit, I wouldn’t know) and I don’t like it. Can’t escape it I know, but I don’t like it none the less.

Tears Dry On Their Own

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I thought of you today and I was shocked to realize it didn’t affect me as it usually did. How a single thought would make me shiver and chill me to my bones. How waking up alone in the morning, with your side of the bed empty, made me want to stay in bed forever. Curled up under the covers hoping it was all a dream.

You have no idea how empty my chest felt, robed of it’s beating heart, whenever I reheat the left over pizza in the microwave. Eating alone, with only the sound of my chewing to keep me company.


He came home to find the house empty, his family was spending the night attending mass for easter. He was relieved there was no one at home. The house was errly quite save for the sound of the burning fire.