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Artwork by: Lola beltran

These days when people ask me what I do, my first response is that I am a student. I understand that I am not just one thing but also a whole of other things but the ‘student’ tittle is the one that comes to me naturally. Just as easy the ‘student’ moniker rolls out of my tounge, I find it harder and harder to identify as a writer. There is a pause, a stutter of some sort, in between the question of what I do and my subsquent response.

Can I really call myself a writer when I barely even write anymore?

The follow up questions are always “What kind of writing do you do?” or something along the lines. I say “I write poetry” as it seems to be the only form of writing that is inconsistently consistent , or that I write “short short stories” which I havent written in a while.

The moment the words come out of my mouth I feel like a fraud. Like someone who is taking credit for something I had no hand in, to something that I am not.

What is a writer, really? Someone who creates a completley new world from nothing? Someone who is able to transform the person reading the texts to a completley diffrent emotional state? Someone who’s published?

Does self-identification as one suffice to be worthy to hold that tittle?

So many questions that lead to a whole lot of other questions, questions I can barely even begin to answer.

So what happens, what’s next? Will I even publish this post? Or is it going to end up like the other millions and millions of unfinished writings that bite the dust or sit in my archives collecting dust?

So what is the RIGHT answer to this question of being or not being a WRITER?



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​I just stumbled upon a blog post under the ‘other related posts’ section of WordPress about this challenge a blogger did. She told her colleagues who are poets to write a poem about ‘words’  to see what they’ll come up with. And although the theme was the same, each poem was different than the other. It was interesting to see their diffrent interpretations of the same thing. 

I felt inspired by the post so I just wrote these short poems about ‘Words’.


It’s funny, isn’t it?

how sticks and stones really hurt

But it’s words that make the deeper cut.


He was always taught 

to think twice before he spoke

to swallow words

                               to chock on them

Blame Game

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It was them

It was  him

It was her

It was the refection in the mirror. 

I have a mid-term tomorrow, a mid-term that I found out about today. It’s an interesting course given by a-not-so-very intersting instructor so I seldom go to class. Hence, me not knowing that we had a mid-term. But in any case, I have a mid-term tomorrow that I haven’t even gotten halfway through and yet I’m out here battling it out with the procrastination demon…and so far I’m losing.

I mean aren’t we all victims to its charm? To its diffrent shapes and sizes. And most of all, to its impeccable timing? Surely I’m not the only one going through my instagram timeline watching food porn when I should be doing something else? I’m certain I’m not the only one writing about not studying when I should be studying for an exam,might I add an exam I found out about one day before, am I?

Damn you demon, I comand you to leave thee this moment!!! The power of bad grades compels you…(to stay or to leave I don’t know)!!!!!!

Missing In Action

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I don’t even know where to begin! It’s been almost ten months since I last updated this blog. I can list so many reasons as to why I haven’t posted anything new these past few months, but I won’t because I know all of them are going to sound like excuses, because they are ( and partly because I honestly don’t know why I even stoped).

Alot has happened in those ten months, most bad than good. Looking back at the beginning of the year (2008, Ethiopian Calander), I wouldn’t have guessed it was going to turn out like it did. The most important thing that I learned last year is that to never expect things to turn out like you expect/want them to. I had a clear plan and idea on how the year was going to go but every day was a twist in another never ending turn.

They say when it rains, it pours. Maybe so. But sometimes, when it rains, it fucking hails! And all you can do is run for the nearest shelter, rubbing the few bumps on your head from those nasty little ice balls! I feel like there’s dark cloud hanging over my head, a dark stormy cloud. But quite frankly, I’m bored! I’m bored of bad things happening one after the other that I don’t even get surprised anymore. I say bored because I’m way past the point of being tired. I’m bored of this fucking storm that never lets up, wrecking everything and everyone in it’s line of sight. I am so bored that I want the rainbows that follow this godforsaken rain, because they seem to always do.

The last year might have been a lot of (badbadnotgood) things but it was never dull. We are our experiences inso far as they shape how we think and see things, the world, but in no way do they define us. For a long time now I have been holding my past, the bad things that have happened to me in my mere 21 years of existence, over my head. And they, whether I like it or not, have cast a shadow over my present and over the happy times (which I always forget to write about) and in a way, I have let them.

In an earlier draft of this post, which has been seating in the local drafts on this site and one I thought I had lost, I referred to my self as a failed writer and that maybe I should just delete this site because it is a reminder of my failure as writer. But coming back after a month or so and going through my posts over the years, I couldn’t disagree with myself more. I may not be a great writer, but I am not bad one either. And during the time I was away from my blog I have learned a few things, things that have “broadened my horizon” in life and also as a writer. I feel like I was being to hard on my self because it’s not like I completely wrote off writing, I haven’t. In fact I have been dabbling in the art of poetry during my time away from herd, something I never thought I would do let alone perform in front of people (before I found poetry to be lame and boring, now I bleed poetry.)

I have been searching for  inspiration to update this blog, to write more, for almost a year and all it took was a scroll through my earlier posts to find it. The Irony is not lost on me.


For a while now, I have been struggling to come up with something to post on this blog. Yes, this blog has become a little hard to maintain(and constantly update) than I originally thought. I must admit, I have been trying to come up with something that would please my readers all the while forgetting the whole reason why I set this blog up…to voice my opinion. (more…)


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I wrote a story once, it was about a man who meets a woman who changes his life completely. It went on page after page, about how they met, how when they are in each other arms all their troubles fade away, of the little kisses that make everything better…