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Posted: February 17, 2018 in Poetry
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Art Work: Johan Deckmann


I think of you when I read a poem

I think of you when I write one.

You have invaded my poetry

Weren’t my thoughts enough?


I will keep writing poems about you,

poems for you

so one day I have written enough poems about you that

I don’t anymore.



Posted: February 15, 2018 in Poetry
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Art by: Andreea Cioran

I feel tired. Not physically exhausted, no, I am talking of the mental kind. And the emotional too. I am tired of walking the same route, no matter how much I try to go astray, no matter how much I try to take short-cuts, no matter how fast I ran to make it out, I always end up going in the same direction. I always end up reverting …to you.


Math 101

Posted: October 24, 2016 in Poetry
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I realized from the moment I came into this world her life hasn’t been hers
But mine and my sisters
Every single breath multiplied by three
One breath for her, one breath for her, and one breath for me

I saw in my smile the hopes and dreams she put aside
I touched in my sisters soft hands the sacrifices she has made for us
I saw in her stretch marks the pain she endured for her children
Knowing full well if she had to, she would do it again
And again
And again

I felt in her saggy breasts my bones growing stronger
I saw in the dark circles under her eyes the sleep we deprived her
The long nights we took over

But when I look in the mirror I see him as well
Not just in the similar features that we share
It’s not the nose not our soft hair
It’s not the lips or how our teeth alien
It’s the late nights he spent online
Email checked another one sent
And the long hours on his desk he spent
Working two job, day and night

I hear in the little ones laugh the boarding calls
And the holidays he missed for us
Traveling from country to country
Nose to the grind to make money
“Dad, I want a doll” check
“…and I want shoes and jewelry” check and check
“Games to play with animals to pet” check

“Here’s the the doll, here’s the hook”
A pirate hat
A toy, a book
Everything once multiplied by three
Now one for you and one for me

Now I know we are not just flesh and blood
But the product of their tears and sweat
Sleepless nights and endless days
Tied like a knot woven with cries
Married together with tears and smiles

With every one of their sacrifice, we learned of life
With every sweat, how to survive
With every kiss they thought us love

It’s simple math, really
1+1 yielding three
With out them I wouldn’t be
Who I am now and who I want to be
Once almost multiplied by 1+3

I am him, she is me
He is her, she is him
They are us, we are them
They live for us, they live through us

Tears Dry On Their Own

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Life, Other
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I thought of you today and I was shocked to realize it didn’t affect me as it usually did. How a single thought would make me shiver and chill me to my bones. How waking up alone in the morning, with your side of the bed empty, made me want to stay in bed forever. Curled up under the covers hoping it was all a dream.

You have no idea how empty my chest felt, robed of it’s beating heart, whenever I reheat the left over pizza in the microwave. Eating alone, with only the sound of my chewing to keep me company.



Posted: July 7, 2015 in Uncategorized


I wrote a story once, it was about a man who meets a woman who changes his life completely. It went on page after page, about how they met, how when they are in each other arms all their troubles fade away, of the little kisses that make everything better…